martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Flash delirium.

You know, I like to write in english. It's a problem cause yeah, I know the words, I know the meanings but I don't know how the hell put it correctly on the same line. It's like, yeap, I can't even say the things I want to say in some other language -which actually I adore and prefer over mine- cause I always got something I don't know how to write or don't even know the appropiate word so, I've to look for it, in some pathetic translate page or whatever and, in that moment I feel like "Are you serious? you can understand a song or a full movie without the subs and you don't know how to say a simple word. Yeah, you really suck girl". And then you realize that you are like, eating you own brain thinking about how poor is your english, and say, "Ok, it's not just about the fact that you can't speak right in english, it about you actually neither have a life, honey". And yeap, that's all. Someday I'm gonna travel to some US city like Los Angeles or Texas maybe and practice. At the moment, I'll just gonna ridicule awhile.

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